European operation code S57

The slaughterhouse of Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company has been operating since 1997 in the company’s Production Park in Labrino, Xanthi. 

It has two production lines, one exclusively for cattle and one for pigs and sheep and goats and the slaughters are carried out in accordance with the appropriate practices, as defined by the European standards. 

The slaughterhouse serves the needs of a significant number of cooperating local breeders and the company’s needs for fresh meat, meat for cold cuts, meat products and packaged frozen products. 

Slaughters are carried out following a predetermined planning and the entire process is supervised by veterinarians of the Directorate of Agricultural Economy and Veterinary of the Regional Unit of Xanthi. 

The long-term experience, the specialization of the slaughterhouse’s human resources, the on-site cooperation with the specialized veterinarians, the mechanical equipment and the systematic observance of the health and safety regulations ensure the excellent quality of the raw materials that leaves the unit. 

The slaughtered animals are delivered directly to the customers of the slaughterhouse services or are transported to the perfect refrigeration facilities and from there they are forwarded to the meat processing laboratory for boning, cutting, portioning and packaging. 

Edible by-products and inedible by-products are sent to the respective units for further processing, while unsuitable slaughtered animals are sent to the Rendering Unit. 

Systematic supervision of the process by authorized veterinarians

Operation in perfectly controlled cooling conditions

Specialized and experienced human resources

Environmentally sound management practices