Ecopolis Environmental Awareness Award 2017

The Ecopolis Environmental Awareness Award was granted in 2017 to Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company in the category of Business Awards-Scientific Project Support, for the project of integrated management of animal waste with high-fat content, implemented in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Engineering. 

The possibility of integrated management was given through the study, design, construction from the scratch and operation of a pilot installation connected to the company’s rendering unit. In the pilot plant, with the development of innovative technology from waste processing, biogas is produces with the possibility of conversion into electricity, able to meet the company needs. 

For the successful completion of the project, since 2010 more than 30 people work in harmony: technical personnel, undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as doctoral candidates of the Department of Environmental Engineering. The smooth operation of the facility has offered a variety of benefits to both the environment and the company, as well as the educational, scientific and local business community, as it opens new paths for research, innovative applications and business opportunities for joint utilization of organic waste. 

Ecopolis Environmental Awareness Awards have been awarded since 2005 by the Greek Environmental, non-governmental initiative named Ecocity, aiming at contributing to the promotion and recognition of the practical and increased environmental awareness of the state, local and private businesses and the media. 

The establishment of the awards was essential and confirmed the need to support social participation and contribution to the environment, as evidences by specific actions, research, actions and communication programs. 

The institution of Ecopolis awards seeks to create conditions of noble rivalry, which will promote the overall environmental awareness and demonstration of social participation of companies, associations and organizations in undertaking or supporting actions for the environment.

It should be noted that the Ecopolis Awards have been awarded to companies and organizations in Thrace, from the beginning of the institution in 2005 to date, to the company named Sunlight Recycling S.A> and to the Municipality of Orestiada in 2015, to the company Coco Mat in 2013 and to Komotini Paper Mill in 2012, while it is the first time that the Ecopolis Award was granted to a meat production company, as well as the first time that a project is implemented with the contribution of Democritus University of Thrace. 

For more information of Ecocity Initiative ,click here and for Ecopolis Awards, click here.

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