Veal, Beef, pork, mutton and goat meat from the company farm and the farms of the cooperating local producers. 

Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company sells veal, beef, pork, sheep and goat meat on the market. 

Meat comes from the animals raised on the company’s farm and in the cooperating farms of local producers. 

Distribution network 

The meat is available in a wide network of butchers in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and in the company’s butchery shop in the Municipal Market of Xanthi. 

The company serves the professionals of catering, entertainment and tourism with all the conventional but also specialized cuts of meat, while the distribution of products is done with the company’s private means in order to ensure the maintenance of the cooling chain. 

Pieces of frozen meat 

A small range of sliced meat is available packaged and frozen in the network of cooperating food stores (Specialty groceries, mini markets, supermarket chains), while after the company joins the initiative and the relevant certification by Eurocert, selected products bear the ELLA-DIKA MAS brand. 

Fresh and frozen meat for every management need

List of packaged and frozen meat products
Frozen veal shoulder
Frozen ground veal
Frozen ground pork
Frozen mixed minced meat
Frozen sliced pork leg
Frozen pork neck stake
Frozen pork ribs
Frozen pork pancetta with bone