Member of the Initiative ELLA-DIKA MAS

Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company is member of the Initiative ELLA-DIKA MAS since March 2018.  

ELLA-DIKA MAS Initiative is a community of extroverted, productive-processing companies of Greek ownership that aims at highlighting and promoting the modern, business and productive culture of our country. 

To include Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company in the initiative, just like all the member-companies, the certification from Eurocert, the Greek certification body that meets the following core criteria is required:

  • Its business registered office within the Greek territory 
  • The majority of Greek ownership, through natural or legal persons based in Greece  
  • The implementation, with absolute accuracy, of the labor legislation. 
  • The high added value it produces in Greece. 
  • Its cooperation with Greek companies for the needs of supplies and reception of services. 
  • The lawfulness of its operating license. 
  • The satisfaction of its obligations towards the Greek State. 

The quality criteria concern:

  • Its participation in environmental and social causes
  • The care for the health and safety of the employees 
  • The safety of the products produces and the protection of consumers.

In addition to the certification and the labeling of the Greek companies with the ELLA-DIKA MAS label, according to the main and quality awarding criteria, the use of the label becomes possible in a product if it meets the following requirements:

  • Its core raw material that characterizes the products and is identified with the form of consumption is of Greek origin and is indicated on the package. 
  • The ingredients or raw materials used, regardless of their origin, are processed in Greek factories, so that the final processed product has obtained sufficient added value from domestic production factors.  

The purposes of ELLA-DIKA MAS Initiative

ELLA-DIKA MAS Initiative is committed to supporting, promoting, rewarding and inspiring actions that: 

  • Increase the competitiveness of the productive companies of Greek ownership. 
  • Highlight the importance of products created, produces and owned by Greek companies as sources of national wealth, goods of modern culture and ambassadors of today’s productive Greece around the world. 
  • Promote Greece through the activities of Greek productive companies. 
  • Contribute to the immediate reduction of the trade deficit. 
  • Create a high sense of security and reliability in Greek products. 
  • Ensure and promote the healthy competition in the market operation. 
  • Educate the society and social partners about the higher, relative added value created by Greek-owned productive companies for the benefit of the Greek economy. 
  • Study, research and document historically Greek entrepreneurship and product development in our country. 
  • Make the ELLA-DIKA MAS brand and the products labeled accordingly widely known in Greece and abroad. 
  • Educate young people in entrepreneurship and product. 
  • Develop collaborations and joint promotional initiatives between productive Greek-owned companies. 

For more information on the ELLA-DIKA MAS Initiative, click here.

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