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Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company has been producing cold cuts since its establishment, while the modern butcher’s laboratory has been operating since 1997 at the company’s Production Park in Labrino, Xanthi. 

A wide range of cold cuts is produced:

  • Local and traditional 
  • Smoked and
  • Cold cuts for snacks

From veal, pork and poultry and selected complementary raw materials

Cold cuts are made from individual pieces of slaughtered meat with various processing methods: heat, smoking, natural drying, natural maturation or a combination of the above, based on traditional or modern and local or cosmopolitan recipes. 

All the cold cuts of the company are handmade preparations of a limited volume and short life due to the limited use of preservatives. 

The range of cold cuts includes “clean label: products, products without any preservatives and additives, while after the company joins the initiative and the relevant certification by Eurocert, selected cold cuts bear the label ELLA-DIKA MAS. 

Distribution network 

The cold cuts of Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company are available, packaged and in bulk for home consumption or professional use in the butchery shop of the company at the Municipal Market of Xanthi and in the network of cooperating food stores (butchery shops, specialized grocery stores, super markets) in the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. 

List of cold cuts

Classification based on the type of meat: beef, pork, mixed poultry. Click on the active link in the name of each product and get detailed information about each one.

The combinations of cold cuts and drinks are suggested by Nikos Loukakis, award-winning Sommelier, Senior Lecturer at the WSPC Educational Organization and Food and Beverage Operations Consultant 

Alternative tour of the list of cold cuts

Local and traditional ones 


Cold Cuts for snacks

Traditional or modern recipes, local or cosmopolitan with excellent raw materials

Coverage of various nutritional needs

Rich range for consumers and professionals