European operation code S57

Tοhe meat processing laboratory of Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company has been operating since 1997 in the company’s Production Park in Labrino, Xanthi. 

The meat processing laboratory manages all the slaughtered animals that come from the company’s slaughterhouse, boning, cutting, portioning and packaging. 

The work is done by hand by specialized and experienced personnel and all conventional and specialized meat cuts are performed to serve the needs of every professional. 

The pieces of sliced meat are transported to the butchery shops, restaurants, entertainment and tourism and the company’s butchery shop by privately owned means, in order to ensure the cooling chain. 

Here the selection of pieces of meat that will be used in the production of the wide range of cold cuts and meat products produced by the company is made. 

The processed by-products and sub-products are forwarded to the respective processing units and the non-processable by-products are sent to the company’s Rendering unit. 

Work by hand with experience and knowledge

Conventional and specialized cold cuts in order to meet the needs of every professional

Distribution by proprietary means in order to secure the cooling chain