Experience and dedication to customer service 

The butcher store of Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company has been operating since 1939 in the Municipal Market of Xanthi and serves the retail customers, retailers and visitors of the city on a daily basis. 

It disposes of the whole range of the company’s products:

  • Fresh Greek veal, beef, pork and goat meat, which comes from the company’s farm and the farming units of the cooperating local producers  
  • Fresh Greek chicken 
  • A wide range of fresh and frozen meat products, ready for cooking. 
  • Freshly-cut cold cut on the cutting bench. 
  • Packaged cold cuts 
  • Packaged and in bulk sausages 
  • Fresh and frozen animal by-products, raw materials for soups and tripe soups
  • Selected cheeses and dairy products of Greek production
  • And a list of spices for cooking meats and accompanying dressings 

Animal waste from the daily operation of the butchery shop is collected, along with those of other butchers in the Municipal Market, who wish so and are transferred to the company’s rendering unit for inactivation and environmental sound management. 

Free shopping delivery service

With just one call, the customer’s order with the products of the butchery shop is delivered immediately and at no extra charge on site. 

Municipal Market of Xanthi

According to the late historian Thomas Exarchou, the construction work of the Municipal Market began on June 13th 1938 and was completed in 1939, while it was founded by Eleftherios Venizelos under the Mayor Pygmalion Christidis. 

The Market operation began in July 940, but was interrupted by the entry of the Bulgarian troops into the city. After 1944, all the city’s butchers were forced to house the building and it gradually took the form it has during the last decades, housing butchery shops, fishmongers and fruit and vegetable shops according to the regulation. According to Thomas Ecxarchou in the well-known album of old photographs of Xanthi, the work “costed 9.000.000 drachmas at the time”. 

An innovative construction for the season that can be considered equivalent only to the Municipal Market of Chania, which was completed a few years earlier. 

Text: Charis Diafonidis, Ebros Newspaper

Image: architectural design of the archive of the Municipality of Xanthi 

Design editing: Katerina Timotheou, Architect Engineer 

The Municipal Market of Xanthi, a protected monument of the interwar period.