European operation code EL 7200107


The breeding unit of Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company has been operating since 2001 in the company’s Production Park in Labrino, Xanthi.

The farm disposes of systematic breeding of cattle and seasonal breeding of sheep and goats. 

The farm is not reproductive, the animals come from the cooperating local breeders and in case of cattle, the local animals are used because otherwise it would remain unused.

Cattle breeding

The breeding of cattle follows phases and criteria:

Selection of health animals of 10-30 days old that come from at least one parent of a meat-processing breed. Collaborating farms are disease free. 

The transfer of newborn to the company farm, vaccination, housing in individual compartments up to the age of 60 days old and its strengthening of their immune system, artificial lactation, gradual increase of dry food and weaning.

Grouping based on their unit of origin and housing in compartments of 10 animals up to the age of 6-7 months old. 

Free stalling and grazing until the age of 12-14 months old. 

The animal care by the experienced staff of the farm is daily and the diet includes Greek natural feed. In collaboration with the specialized veterinarian, the monitoring of their smooth development is continuous. 

The company cooperates with groups of farmers, stockbreeders and breeding experts to develop and disseminate know-how and good breeding practices. Its goal is to strengthen the role of producers in the demand in the market of branded, quality Greek meat and other meat products, free from food scandals.  

Sheep and goat breeding 

Using similar criteria, procedures and goals, the breeding of sheep and goats takes place throughout the year. It intensifies during the winter and early spring months to meet the increased demand for traditional easter consumption of mutton and goat meat. 

The company’s goal is to develop the Greek meat market.

Breeding with strict criteria and procedures

Utilization of local natural resources

Low-intensity breeding focused on naturalness

Value added for the entire production chain

The protection of farm animals

Breeding, in compliance with the European Convention for the Protection of Animals on Breeding Units.

The breeding on the farm of Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company is performed with absolute respect to the rules for the protection of animals in the breeding units.

Farm animals are protected by:

Hunger and thirst

Animals have access to clean potable water and plenty of food, so that they do not develop competitive behavior. 

The strain 

They are housed in individual or group accommodation, either indoor or outdoor, depending on their age and time of the year. They are transferred to the farm in compliance with the applicable rules of safe transport, while any unnecessary movements inside the farm are avoided. They are grouped in communities according to their farm of birth, in order to develop a healthy immune system and live together in harmony.  

Pain, injuries and diseases 

The animals live in well-designed areas with a reduced risk of injury, while a vaccination program is followed to prevent diseases. They are motivated 365 days a year by a specialized veterinarian and together with the farm staff, they take care of the immediate treatment if they get sick. The administration of appropriate medication is always performed after a thorough diagnosis and if deemed necessary. 

The right to express normal behavior. 

They dispose of sufficient outdoor and indoor area for physical activity, protection from the weather and rest 

Fear and mental anguish 

The daily life in the farm is smooth, adhering to a routine of care and cleanliness and applying good farming practices without the use of violence.